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Monday, June 25, 2012

Astro On-The-Go Party @ The Pool


Okay , today Masz nak update sikit aktiviti apa yang Masz buat weekend lepas..
Macam biasa , Masz kan suka buat kerja-kerja part time neyh.. Al-maklum nak cari duit lebih.. Hehe..
1st of all nak intro sikit bout title entry Masz today :-

Astro On The Go was launched late last month, 30th May 2012 to be exact and I actually had the opportunity to catch their launch event. "Take Astro with You, Wherever You Go", that's the tagline, and true to it's word, Astro On The Go application gives Astro subscribers a chance to catch all 31 live matches of UEFA Euro 2012, 11 TV channels, Catch Up Titles and Video On Demand for free until 31st August. 

Astro's On The Go Party
Date: June 23rd, 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 6:30 PM onwards
Venue:  The Pool, 347, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur (Map)
Dress code: Your favourite football jersey!

"Take Astro with you, Wherever you go."

Hehehe , sebenarnyaaa nak share sikit laaa apa yg HOT sangat.. I'm one of the lucky person coz dapat be part of this event . Heee..  (bangga jap)

If korang nak tahu lebih lanjut apa itu Astro On-The-Go, korang boleh laaa try search kat

Okay , nak share sikit laaaa , after this kita dah boleh dah tengok Astro view your smartphone, tablet & computer (Ipad & Iphone)

Neyh laa time Masz with my friends buat Flash Mob. So freakin' adorable kannn ? Sorry , Masz dah terselit so tak namapk . Hehe..

Okayyy yg kat bawah neyh laaa serba sedikit pic kat The Pool tuu.. Hehhe Orang Kuning . Ada jugak Team Malaysia terselit kat sini.. Btw , Party neyh jugak sempena Demam Euro 2012 sekarang neyh :)

Haaa... yg neyh kawan Masz 'Ara' yang join sekali event neyh.. Hehehe.. Semangat kami dgn jersey masing2.. Yeayy Masz dapat pakai baju jersey Spain.. Ara jersey Portugal ;)

Serabai jugak time neyh.. Macam mandi hujan je.. Habis peluh keluar semuanyaa.. huhuu..


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